You can reach Wadi Rum Discovery by phone at +962.776.924.937 (or 0776.924.937 from inside Jordan). This phone should always be answered by somebody speaking English - but please take note of the time differences - Jordan time is 3 hours ahead of GMT! We are available pretty late, but 2am in Jordan is too late even for us!

Main sites of interest

  • Lawrence's house: Nobody is certain that this was Lawrence's house, although there are stories that he both stayed and/or stored weapons here. The current structure is built upon the remains of a Nabataean building, however, and it is another beautiful place in the desert.
  • Lawrence's spring: Just 3km (1.8 miles) south-west of the village of Rum. The spring is at the top of a short scramble - head for the fig tree! Although the pool itself is largely unprepossessing, being a stagnant puddle, the views across the desert are truly spectacular.
  • The Nabataean Temple: Near the Rest House in Rum Village. The surrounding area is covered in Thamudic and Kufic rock art.
  • Burdah Rock Bridge: On many tours, you only view this from a distance, but it is possible to climb up to this rock bridge if you have a guide and a reasonable level of fitness.
  • Umm Fruth Rock Bridge: A lower rock bridge, which is featured on many tours and can be easily scrambled onto .
  • Red Sand Dunes: There are various places in Wadi Rum where the white and red sands meet, but the most commonly visited is a dune sloping up alongside a Jebel - a bit tough to climb up, great fun to run down!
  • Seven Pillars of Wisdom: Although most people can only count five, this is an impressive rock formation near the Visitor's centre. It is named after T.E Lawrence's book - not the other way around!
  • Jebel Khaz'ali: This narrow canyon contains numerous Nabataean rock carvings of people and animals.

Bedouin coffee : A Traditional Bedouin Coffee ceremony involves 3 cups of coffee; one for the soul, one for the sword and one because you are a guest...if you ask for a fourth you are being greedy!

Desert police : The Wadi Rum Desert Patrolmen wear what is perhaps the most attractive uniform in the Middle East. It consists of a long khaki dish-dash held by a bright red bandolier, a holster with a dagger around the waist and a rifle. On their heads, they wear the traditional red and white kouffieh, worn by the Bedouins of Jordan. The Desert Patrol operates out of an old police fort built in the 1930s.

Temperatures :When you visiting Wadi Rum remember to bring something warm to wear at night as temperatures can vary from a daytime average of 32°C down to 4°C at night. See the table below for average seasonal temperatures:
















Food : we believe we offer a variety of dishes, based on local ones, ample in quantity and well cooked.  In warm weather, lunch is usually a salad dish, supper is always hot. Vegetarian food can be supplied, but if possible, please tell us about this or about any allergies before you arrive. Breakfast is bread or buns which we can warm on the fire, and a choice of cheese, eggs, jam and etcs (what ever we see in the shops that looks good!). And of course, plenty of tea! We can also offer instant coffee for breakfast.

Onward transport : buses leave Wadi Rum in the mornings, for Aqaba at about 7am (there is no bus on Fridays) and for Petra at about 8h30am. We can always get you to Rum in time for these buses. If you are going anywhere else, there are plenty of connections in Aqaba for Amman and points north. We are able to arrange a taxi Just contact us.

Meeting point: We will meet our guests at the Rum village upon their arrival. We always try to be a half hour earlier than our guests, If you think that you will arrive at Wadi Rum earlier or later than we arrange, call or text (SMS) us and we will easily accommodate your changes.

Times : We usually start out at around 9.30am and reckon to finish the tour about 4pm or before sunset, but please respect the time differences - Jordan time is 3 hours ahead of GMT! We are available pretty late, but 2am in Jordan is too late even for us

Payments : Please take in consideration that no ATM is available in Wadi Rum. In order to withdraw cash, you need to do that from Amman, Aqaba, Petra, before you come to Wadi Rum.


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